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Nov 18, 2009

If you live in the northern hemisphere, you have just enough time to make this tomato gazpacho soup as tomato season is coming to an end. If you live in the southern hemisphere, summer is just starting so you can take your time to make this soup. My advice: jump right in. You won’t be disappointed!

Gazpacho is a cold Spanish soup made with a bounty of fresh ingredients: tomatoes, cucumbers, red and yellow bell peppers. Bread soaked in water is what gives the gazpacho its silky and smooth consistency. A pinch of cumin adds a light smokiness and depth.

I’m in Sydney this week, and the tomatoes are in full spring season. This gazpacho soup is perfect for a hot day. It’s light, airy, and best of all cools you down.


2 cups bread, cubed and crust removed
Water for soaking bread
4 pounds ripe tomatoes
2 cloves garlic, sliced
2 tablespoons red pepper, diced
2 tablespoons yellow pepper, diced
2 tablespoons red onion, diced
2 tablespoons cucumber, diced
cup Spanish extra virgin olive oil
Pinch cumin
1-2 tablespoons sherry vinegar
½ cup water
Garnish: ¼ cup cherry tomatoes, basil leaves and thyme sprigs




Soak bread in water for 5 minutes. Drain and reserve bread. Sautee garlic in olive oil until tender.

Puree bread with sautéed garlic in blender. Add few tablespoons water if necessary.

Chop and season tomatoes with salt. Place in a large mixing bowl and add peppers, onion, and cucumber.

Add bread puree and combine. Season with cumin and salt. Puree in 2 batches in the blender emulsifying each batch with ⅓ cup of olive oil. Strain puree.

Whisk in sherry vinegar to taste. Thin with water if necessary. Garnish with quartered cherry tomatoes, basil tips and thyme sprig.

You can make the soup ahead of time and leave in the fridge.


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Your photo just made me drool on myself. Thanks a lot. ;)

Stephanie - Wasabimon, over 4 years ago

I've been looking for a good gazpacho soup for a while. I'll be adding this to my list when I get back from Sydney.

—Audrey, over 4 years ago

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