Greetings Spice Seeker! For many of us, life is busy and time is short. While we love dinner parties and sipping wine over a delicious meal with friends, all too often we either stick to the same five boring recipes or just buy pre-prepared meals. We know we’d love to try new spices and new flavors but we’re afraid to have our dinner guests be the guinea pigs. I mean, what exactly is coriander and how do I use it? Or where the heck can I get a good combination of seasonings for that sea bass?

Never fear. Jane Spice is dedicated to all things spice – and helping you confidently use them with style. Spices, after all, are the forgotten heroes of cooking. They have no calories, add a ton of flavor and can be your secret weapon in making ordinary dishes extraordinary – with little added effort. It’s time they come out from behind their boring bottles and dusty cupboards and be heard!

And who is Jane Spice anyway? Jane Spice represents the secret cook inside all of us who embrace flavors boldly and travels the world through good cooking and unique flavors. She’s modern, fresh, fun and she’s a heroine in the kitchen. Think of her as your own personal Spice Coach.

Through stories, experiences, and a front-row seat at recipe attempts, we invite you to join our journey through the world of spice.

Now grab your pan and your apron and let’s go; we have guests arriving in one hour!

About me

I’m the Spice Sorceress behind Jane Spice. Born in Australia in a Lebanese family, mum’s cooking brought us together. My dad has hardly ever eaten out in his life, because the best chef in town is my mum – the person who first taught me all about the beauty of unique herbs and spices in dishes such as hummus and falafel.

I love to travel, and in 2004 relocated to San Francisco and began hitting farmers markets as well as dining at the city’s amazing restaurants. Curious to use what I found at the markets I embarked on a journey to find easy ways to create fun dishes. Spices enabled me to turn bland into brilliant in a way that fit with my busy schedule.

By day, I’m a technology marketer in Silicon Valley but I moonlight as a spice diva – melding, concocting and combining spices in my tiny kitchen to create the perfect dish. My palate craves everything from the Middle Eastern cuisine I grew up with to Indian to Italian to French. Perfecting seafood with the ideal blend of spices is a particular favorite of mine, since I have always lived in cities by the ocean.

Got a spice question or recipe to share? You can contact me at ursula@janespice.com – I’m always game for a new spice challenge!

Press Release

New Jane Spice Blog Helps Busy Cooks Make Taste.
Blog Brings Back the Spice Rack So Busy People Can Eat Well, Too

San Francisco, CA — August 1, 2008 — Busy cooks can now turn ho-hum meals into flavor-fests with the help of the Jane Spice blog, which celebrated its official launch today.

Authored by Ursula Ayrout, herself a busy professional, Jane Spice enables busy people to reinvent ordinary meals without spending all day in the kitchen. Clueless and savvy cooks alike can learn to make taste in no time.

The blog brings three unique advantages to flavor-junkies short on time, helping them:
  • Create something extraordinary from ingredients they already have (spices and ordinary food)
  • Make fresh, healthy eating fun again
  • Save money (and calories) by breaking the prepackaged food habit
Visitors to Jane Spice will enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet of photos, recipes, enticing stories, spice history, and a thriving community to help them escape the land of the bland. Cooking becomes an easy pleasure—never a chore. Readers will discover such things as:
  • 5-step recipes with a handful of ingredients
  • Which spices can make your hair grow shiny
  • How to combine spices to make you fall in love with vegetables again
  • 10 ways to reuse the same Italian seasoning so it never goes to waste
  • Which spices are so healthy they’ll actually make you feel good
  • Unique recipes dishes, including Saffron Marbled Spiced Rice and Indian Inspired Spaghetti Bolognaise

The staggering growth of cooking blogs, cooking shows, and all things cooking show no signs of letting up. Neither does the average person’s schedule. Making use of the ingredients they already have becomes even more important for busy people.

A lifelong food lover, Jane Spice author and San Franciso resident Ursula Ayrout’s Lebanese upbringing and Sydney childhood created a perfect melting pot of flavors and cuisines. At the same time, her own busy lifestyle gives her a special rapport for anyone who feels they’ve no time to cook.

“Everyone has to eat,” she said. “But kitchen performance anxiety kicks in. People don’t know their way around a spice rack. And because they don’t know which spice combinations work best, they’re afraid to even buy spices anymore. They don’t think they’ll use them again. Jane Spice can be their secret weapon. They’ll learn to transform everyday dishes into a Mexican mole or Moroccan cuisine—without taking all day.”

With its recipes, tips, photos, stories, and growing community of food lovers, the Jane Spice blog is prepped to become indispensable for those who dream of using spices to cook smarter. Make some taste of your own. Visit http://janespice.com today!